Consulting activities

  • Temporary management, executive consulting, technical marketing
  • Wireless coverage projects (survey, radio planning, technical proposals, project management and implementation)
  • Video surveillance over IP and ethernet based security systems design
  • Safety and security consulting, according to italian Dlgs 81/08
  • Training and courses on ICT ( web technologies, Networking, Wireless communication)

Management activities

At Maelco s.r.l. (2015)

  • administrator, shareholder and technical director: wireless solutions, new wireless techologies scouting, IoT and datacom

At Aurel Group (2012-2013)

  • R&D director  for wireless products development,  SRD devices, Home automation, new technologies.
  • Technical manager for Wireless mobile solutions  and system design.

At Andrew Wireless Systems s.r.l.(2003-2008)

  • Bids and tenders for OEM customers concerning new technologies and evolution of fiber DAS.
  • product line management (roadmap definition, requirements and specifications, cost and break-even point analisys, product lifecycle definition)
  • R&D and product development management (resources planning and allocation, budget control and R&D investment planning, milestones definition and reporting, reliability certification, CE marking and release-to-production process, ISO9001 process compliance)
  • E.R.P. system migration: coordination and responsibility of migration from legacy local ERP to global corporate S.A.P.(data extraction and migration, workflows and internal processes restructuring, consistency of inventory values and product  costing structure)
  • Site management responsibility: safety and security (RSPP as per 626/94 Dlgs), procurement and legal representative powers of attorney

Projects and development activities

At Andrew Wireless Systems s.r.l.(design and  manufacturing of microwave and fiber optic solutions for telecom market, 2003-2008)

  • Britecell Plus and ION-B product line evolution and maintenance: introduction on the market of first triple band integrated  fiber-based remote unit for low power distributed antenna systems
  • Introduction and validation of  fiber distribution solution for WiFi signals (TDD) , and relevant integration into Fiber DAS systems (deployment and testing with primary customer TelecomItalia mobile)
  • Study and specification of new flexible SNMP mib architecture for integration on proprietary (Andrew A.i.m.o.s.) and third party management systems (eg. HP-Openview)
  • corporate trainings to sales and engineering force and external promotional activities (e.g. I.I.R. workshop at Inbuilding conference Lisbona – 2004, talk at in-building solution conference may 2005- Munich)

At Tekmar Sistemi s.r.l. (design and  manufacturing of microwave and fiber optic solutions for telecom market, 1996-2003):

  • Cable television (CATV) OEM development for Pirelli/Italtel (italian project “S.o.c.r.a.t.e”): design and manufacturing of EDFA (Erbium doped fiber optic amplifier) control board.
  • CCTV (Close circuit Video surveillance) Tekmar owned product line: development of low cost analog fiber video converters for highway application), project management and Factory Acceptance Tests for CCTV system for Nigerian oil plant, CCTV fiber system for Formula 1 circuit video monitoring, Fiber optic video link for Stadium display/video walls
  • Wireless distribution system for railway tunnels, based on leaky feeder and in-line amplifiers (Italian railway tunnels, 430 amplifiers deployed)
  • OEM project for Lucent (US): Linux based SNMP interface for remote management
  • MMDC Wireless distribution system for Singapore Metro: management and supervision system architecture, system integration and “glue hardware” development.
  • LITECOMB : design of the supervision and management architecture of the first deployed system in the world for wireless microcellular distribution system for urban areas using DWDM fiber tecnology.
  • OEM projects for NOKIA: indoor fiber distribution system for metrosite BTS family
  • OEM projects for Ericsson, DoComo (Japan), Alcatel.
  • Britecell(tm) product line management: introduction on the market of first dualband fiber-based  remote unit for low power distributed antenna systems, deployment of 2000 Sydney olimpics first fiber DAS system
  • Specifications and architecture definition of new platform Britecell(tm) PLUS: remote management over SNMP and wired/wireless connectivity, web interface, board auto detection, modular and expandable architecture.

At Generalmusic s.p.a.(Development of digital musical instruments, 1990-1996):

Keyboards, workstations and arrangers: WS2,WS1, CD1/2/3, WK3,WK2,WK2HD,WK2 Arranger, GKxx (commercial products based on development of several custom ASICS and relevant software, tools, and operating systems):

  • floppy disk module (western-digital  based controller)
  • reverberation and other digital effects module
  • display and panel man-to-machine interface module
  • full m.i.d.i. implementation
  • sounds generation and audio DSP programming module (channel poliphony allocation and synthesizer control, ADSR-VCF-VCA-LFO modules, priorityzing algorithm and messages queueing.)
  • sequencer to sounds  and midi to sounds interface module
  • karaoke video interface